[NEWS] Star Selca: 'Beast Idol' Taecyeon. Here, he is a genuine man."

Taecyeon (22) is representing the image of a 'beast' in the group 2PM with his unchallenged manliness. He has transformed into a pure man loving a woman from afar.

Taecyeon is appearing as Han Jungwoo who is experiencing one-sided love with Moon Geunyoung (Song Eunjo) on KBS 2TV's 'Cinderella's Sister' which is staying at the #1 spot in viewer rankings. Moon Seokhwan who played Taecyeon's child character appeared until episode four, and Taecyeon appeared for the first time in the 5th episode on the 14th.

Taecyeon talked about the filming of 'Cinderella's Sister' saying "I am trying hard to not act like a singer on set" and "There aren't many scenes with Geunyoung-noona yet so I haven't gotten to take a picture with her".

Hello. This is Ok Taecyeon. When I debuted for 2PM, I was very nervous, but these days I have lots of worries for my acting debut. I felt a lot of pressure because Moon Seokhwan who played my child character did the Gyungsangdo satoori acting so well. In addition, Moon Geunyoung·Chun Jungmyung·Seowoo sunbaes have already started and because I'm appearing so late, the expectations of fans have increased.

On the filming set, besides the child character actors, I'm the maknae, so I am trying very hard to throw away the thought of "I am 2PM's Ok Taecyeon" and think "I am the maknae actor Ok Taecyeon". Being careful about not making an NG, whenever I have time, I practice my acting and say my lines a countless number of times. I invite you to the drama filming set which is still a little awkward.

Holding a pile of wood... who am I

1. It is finally the scene where Han Jungwoo and Song Eunjo meet for the first time after they grow up. Han Jungwoo comes to work at Daesungdoga to meet 'my girl' Eunjo-noona.
 2. Geunyoung-noona (although I look older Geunyoung-noona is a year older) is a good acting teacher. The way she always studies seriously at the filming set is respectable. Geunyoung noona also drinks well when we dine together and she is very good to the staff. There is so much to learn from her.
Acting Debut Script Valuable Item #1

3. My valuable item #1 is the 'Cinderella's Sister' script. I don't know what kind of opinions there will be about me as an actor, but I will keep my debut script forever.
4. There were many times when we had over-the-top make-up for 2PM. But for the drama, it is important that the make-up is natural and not too noticeable.

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5. This is a picture of me monitoring a scene I filmed. I monitored nervously, but when the director yelled 'Okay!' I yelled 'Aja!' inside my head.

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6. I am getting acting advice from Director Jo. Everything is new and awkward because it's my first program.
7. I'm very nervous as a rookie but my excitement of being an actor is also big. When the sunbaes weren't around I smiled widely and took a picture.

They said waiting is working in acting and it's hard because the waiting time is actually extremely long. Whenever there's time I sleep but I am miserable because of my lack of sleep. If a filming ends early, I immediately go home and sleep.

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8. Because I said I was so tired my manager hyung is fooling around by me. Ah~I'm sleepy.
9. Ack! It's an embarrassing humiliation picture. Chansung and I fell asleep without thinking about it at our dance practice room. Acting is important but I can't push my 2PM album work. 2PM's comeback is in late April.
10. We usually wait for a few hours to film one scene. Because there's nothing for me to film, I am immediately off to dream land in the van~.

'Come to the Daesungdoga.' This is the Daesungdoga that Eunjo-noona lives in. It is a 300 pyeong (1 pyeong=3.3058m²) filming set built by Sanjung Lake in Gyunggido Pochun. The rumors have been going around a lot so many fans have come to visit already.

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11. This is a bird's-eye view of the cellar that makes traditional alcoholic drinks and is said to be the point of the Daesungdoga.
12. It is just a set but they decorated it into a perfect house that is good enough to live in for real.

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13. This is the Korean style house Daesungdoga's antique-style front door. If 'Cinderella's Sister' becomes daebak, will it become a famous tourist destination like the sets of 'The Legend' and 'All In'?

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