[news] SNSD Taeyeon officially leaves as a DJ on Chin Chin radio

SNSD Taeyeon leaves the seat as a DJ on her beloved radio show "Chin Chin" on MBC.

April 25 is the last broadcast of her as a DJ after nearly two years she has been a DJ for the radio show. She is leaving due to too much activities on her schedule such as preparing for her musical "song of the sun" in which she is the main leading character and SNSD oversea's activities and concerts.

She left calmly but couldnt hold the tears as she said her farewell to the listeners of the show. She sent of with heartwarming messages to the fans. She was also sorry that she had to leave the show despite fans begging her to stay on the show. She tried to talk about her staying but it just couldnt fit in her schedule anymore and had to prioritize.

Taeyeon last 2009 was awarded Rookie of the year on the MBC Drama awards Radio Division marking her success as radio DJ in Chin Chin. Despite feeling regret of leaving fans still cheered and applauded her for having been in the show for 2 long years which is an achievement itself.

Taeyeon's successor's will be DooJoon of BEAST which is only temporary and child singer IU.

Source: Newsen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews(dkpopnews.net)