[News] SME’s Responsible for the Internal Conflict Between the TVXQ Members

SM Entertainment is responsible for the internal conflict between Dong Bang Shin Ki members. – Interview with President Kang, CreBeau.Recently, the police have finished the investigation for CreBeau’s lawsuit against SM Entertainment. The lawsuit documents have been sent to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’s Office, and at the same time, President Kang has voiced out his unhappiness about this whole issue.

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On that very day, President Kang also revealed some information from the investigation.

The questionable declaration letter, with UKnow YunHo’s and ChoiKang ChangMin’s signature, that was revealed during the press conference, was not written by themselves, but by SM Entertainment.

President Kang expressed, “During the confrontation, when asked how and when was the declaration letter written, Kim YoungMin, the representative of SM Entertainment stated that it was written by the company after listening to the opinions of the two members.”

President Kang then said, “If SM Entertainment is a company that follows standard procedures, then when a representative is to release such letter, even if the members had such opinions, it should be stated clearly in detail, and explained to everyone”, “However, it has not been taken seriously, and even to the extent of covering up the truth, wouldn’t it create some misunderstanding amongst the group?”

President Kang then claimed, “Last May, Representative Kim has personally confirmed and checked that the cosmetic business is merely a financial investment by the members, and has discussed about it”, “But now he has said otherwise, to fool the public and to spread the impression that we are the source of Dong Bang Shin Ki ‘disbandment’, which has caused much damage to us.”

Notes: As usual, when dealing with such sensitive issues to do with the lawsuit. Please, please, please read with an OPEN MIND! Explore all possibilities and take every statement with a pinch of salt. ^^ (OhMyNews is a very reliable news source, though) We guess the reason why this did not become a big issue was because it was overshadowed by big events in the fandom like Jaejoong’s new drama, Yunho’s This Is It, Junsu’s new Japanese single, etc.

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