[NEWS] SHINee’s Onew Says Thanks to Jessica For His Musical

SHINee’s Onew revealed that it was all thanks to SNSD’s Jessica that he was able to land his first role in a musical.

On April 9th, Onew revealed how he got casted in his new musical The Brothers Were Brave. He admitted, “I was casted as the main character even without an audition. Even though that’s how much recognition I received as a musical actor, if I were to grade myself? If I grade myself out of 10, I don’t I’d even be a 5 yet.

As Onew continued his modesty, he credited his senior Jessica as the reason he was cast. She has just finished her run in the widely successful musical Legally Blonde, and she proved her acting and singing chops. ”The reason I passed without audition is… Sica (Jessica) recommended me. Also, I’m really grateful that everyone liked me a lot.

Also acting as the leader to one of the nation’s best male idol groups, Onew gave an incredible performance for his musical debut.

Source: Baek JiHyun & Im SaeYoung@Newsen
Translation: mocha@kpoplive.com