[news] Secret, "the difference now from our debut?... TEAMWORK"

It's been 6 months since Secret debuted. With their powerful new song, "Magic", and their radical transformation, the girl-group is racing towards the top of the music industry.

In life in the music industry, what has most changed in the 6 months? "2 months before debut, the 4 members first met each other. Soon after, we debuted. During interviews and broadcasts, I think there was a sense of awkwardness"

The leader Jyun Hyo Sung, confessed that when she was a trainee, she had no time to be together with her members unlike other groups whom had several years of trainings. "These days, wherever we go, we have good teamwork. Our playing and joking around has become more natural too. When we take pictures, dance, or sing, we feel like a group. Time has passed by quickly.

The members of Secret, who debuted with their single "I Want You Back", have taken place in a lot of individual programs since then. Although personal activities exciting for members of a new group, it has slightly delayed their mini album.

"Because of individual activities, the only time we had to practice was at dawn. We reduced the amount of sleep we got, and since we started practicing at dawn, we have gotten about 2-3 hours of sleep every night. As we kept doing it we got used to it though. Also, we got extra sleep in the car."

Girl-group Secret stated, "Because we haven't been on stage for awhile, we're nervous for our comeback." However, these girls are not ones to make a mistake when the cameras are on.

Secret's Han Sun Hwa has gotten both her image of "Pure Sun Hwa" and her group's name known. Sun Hwa revealed, "I'm not pressured by my image on variety programs." and "I'm trying to promote our album through my appearances on variety programs."

Zinger, a member of Secret, "The Sun Hwa you see on TV is not all of her." and "Although she may be a bit clumsy, Sun Hwa is a person that says what needs to be said. The viewers will be able to see her true personality very soon."

We asked Secret: If you had to assign one word to describe yourselves, what would it be?

Zinger: Secret is mature. I wish we could show you one by one.

Sunhwa: Secret is a goojeolpan [T/N: A circular korean dish that has many different colors. Search 구절판 on google images]. Kids with many different colors come together and make one color.

Hyosung: Hm. One letter is kind of hard. 'Kids with inexhaustible charm' seems to fit. We will have a lot to show in the future.

Jieun: I'm last. I'll say diamond. I feel us getting brighter and brighter. At the time of our debut, we felt like artists and part of the public at the same time, and now we can say to ourselves 'we are artists too'. I realized when we were filming out teaser that we really have changed. I hope we keep getting brighter.

They are soon scheduled to come back with "Magic". The mini album will be a key to the 'secret' that they possess.

Source: Newsen
Translated by: Hyosungrawr@ SecretFour.com