[News] Nick Chou: A Supposed To Be Super Junior Member?


When Nick Chou was 15, he went to study abroad in America and was spotted by a SM Entertainment representative. His mother, Billie, even flew to America to accompany her son in meeting with the company. At that time, SM Entertainment wanted to contract Nick as a member of Super Junior. However, they stated contract terms as a 10-year long deal. After long consideration, Nick’s mother felt that the contract deal was too long so they decided to give up this opportunity!

Now that Super Junior has experienced great success in all of Asia, does Nick regret his decision?

He said: “Not really…because if I decided to sign the contract back then, I would’ve ended my studies to go train in Korea. It was probably since I didn’t go that I was able to finish my studies and also learn many things in the musical aspects. I really don’t regret it! At least now I have another chance to enter the entertainment circle and create the music I love!”

Nick Chou has also inherited his mother’s fashion sense. He has a lot of interest in fashion and pop culture. When discussing with his company about his new image, he challenged a new kind of matching style. Nick wore a hoodie with jeans and a Louis Vutton “fox tail”. He even brazenly chose to wear his most favorite color – pink!

He said: “Guys can also go beyond [in fashion] too!” Usually when Nick goes on events, his company lets him choose his own clothes to wear! He even jokingly asks staff: “Do I look too flashy?”

The 21-year old hopes that the “pink fox tail” he wears can bring him good luck and success!

Source: Epoch Times
Translated by minchong92 @ http://asianfanatics.net