[Interview] MBLAQ Interview at ShowKing Press Conference

Q: What are you doing now?
Seungho: Now we have an album in Korea. This time we have a chance to bring our song to Thai fans to listen to it

Q: Have you ever been to Thailand before?
All: This is the first time

Q: Have you ever heard anything about Thailand before?
G.O: I heard that Thailand is very beautiful. For Koreans, if we talk about going oversea, Thailand is the 1st place that people want to go. This time I want to try many thai foods. Now I already had some. I love it!

Q: What special food do you like?
G.O: This morning I had buffet at the hotel. There are lots of food. Many of them are nice but I can't remember the names.

Q: Rain is your producer, is he fierce?
Seungho: In normal time we are like brothers but when we working he is fierce, like a tiger!

Q: Is Rain you idol?
Thunder: Rain is both our idol and the model for our work.

Q: What will thai fans get from you guys tomorrow?
Seungho: We prepared 2 songs from our album for the thai fans.

Q: Anything to say to the fans outside?
Seungho: I love you
Thunder: I love you (Both said it in Thai)

Q: Any other words?
Seungho: I already said all. Next time if I have the chance I'll learn more thai.

Q: To thai fans?
G.O: We are concentrated on our practice for tomorrow seriously. We want so many fans to join this concert. See you tomorrow then!!!

Aigoo why Joon and Mir so quiet? Haha!!


Source: pingbook.com
Translations: By Jirapa Gobb (my AWESOME thai friend she wants hugs and cookies!)
by Mia @ MBLAQ Attack