[News] Mao Asada=Xiah Junsu’s Fan? The Truth Is…

It was said before that Japanese figure skater Mao Asada was a fan of TVXQ, but it has now been found that this is not true.

On SBS’ ‘TV Entertainment News At Night’ that aired on the 22nd, it was uncovered that the magazine article on Mao Asada’s love for TVXQ was distorted.

This magazine stated that Mao Asada visited a Korean restaurant in Tokyo after her press conference for ‘Stars on Ice’.

Mao Asada went with her mother and sister and the restaurant they visited was renown for its Hallyu Star regulars such as Ryu Siwon, Park Yongha and TVXQ.

Through an interview with a server at the restaurant, the magazine found that Mao Asada and her family ate a variety of Korean dishes. The server also said that the figure skater strongly requested that they be seated where TVXQ usually sit and stated, “Mao Asada showed great interest in the seat that Xiah Junsu normally sits in.”

However, it is her sister, not Mao Asada herself, who is a fan of TVXQ. Another server at the restaurant stated, “It is news that was distorted by the paparazzi. Mao Asada came with her sister but it is her sister who is a fan of TVXQ.”

source: [newsen+Yuaerubi]
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