[News] Lee Kikwang expresses his sadness about Highkick, "My body wasn't strong enough to do 2 things"

[No cut news Entertainment Broadcast Team Oh Mi Jung Reporter]

Group 'BEAST' member Lee Ki Kwang (20) expressed his sadness about MBC popular sitcom 'High Kick Through the Roof'.

In '...High Kick' he showed two faces, Lee Kikwang acting as a student named 'Kang Saeho' and through the Nocut news interview, he said "I felt like I didn't really bring out the character, so I feel a bit sad about that" and that "being active as a singer and an actor was very hard".

Also, he said "the fact that I couldn't focus on one thing makes me feel bad" and "I felt sorry towards my team members".

As soon as he finished the drama, Lee Kikwang got a permanent roll on a new corner of MBC's 'Sunday Sunday Night' called 'Hot Brothers'.

Lee Ki Kwang showed his self confidence by saying that "'BEAST' will suppress the entertainment programs" and said "Not only me, but also all the members have a lot of talent. Through entertainment programs, we all will show our talent".

Lee Kikwang said "Acting and appearing on entertainment programs are all fun" and "I want to try and find fun tasks that I can have fun doing".

Currently, 'BEAST' is gaining a lot of popularity through their 2nd Mini Album 'Shock of the New Era' and their title song 'Shock'.

CREDITS: Nocut News (SOURCE); glfishyy@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

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