[news] Lee Hyori's Gothic Transformation for New Album

Lee Hyori made a gothic transformation with dark makeup and a rebellious atmosphere for her comeback album. Ahead of the release of her 4th comeback album, lee hyori recently released the full track and music video of her title track "Swing".

Hyori presented a darker image and a "Dark Romanticism". "Dark Romanticism" also known as the bizarre and depressing images of horror and gothic culture is derived from the gothic generic style.

In her music video, she became a Ghost bride and the whole video featured a dark and mysterious atmosphere. The whole content showed a more depressing story with a dark background and sad atmosphere.

In the song, Gary of Leesang pitched in for the rap and the dark voice matched well with the sad concept of the song and music video. With her drastic image transformation from her previous album, it is gaining a lot of attention also with the meaning and message of the music video.

Source: Newsen