[News] Korean Drama "Strike Love" In Talks For Japanese Remake


Korean baseball drama "Strike Love," being broadcast in Japan since mid-March, is in discussions for a Japanese remake, according to the show's producer Green City Pictures Inc. on Wednesday.

An official from Green City Pictures stated in a press release that "nothing is final yet but we are in talks with two production companies in Japan for selling over rights for a remake."

"The elements of rivalry, love and revenge between the two male characters in 'Love' has struck a cord of interest in the Japanese market," explained director Song Chang-soo of "Strike Love."

The sports drama, which began its run on March 18 on Fuji TV's CS channel, was the most-searched show for two consecutive weeks on the company's official website since its premiere.

"Strike Love" was originally a 20-part series which aired in Korea in May 2009 but was cut short by four shows after suffering from low ratings.

"Strike" is based on a popular comic series by noted Korean artist Lee Hyun-sae. Korean actors Yoon Tae-young and Park Sung-min star as two baseball players who are in love with the same girl, played by actress Kim Min-joung.