[NEWS] Kim Jong Kook's Sudden Confession "Shin Bong Sun is My Ideal Type"

[Sports Chosun T-News Baek Ji Eun reporting] Kim Jong Kook chose gagwoman Shin Bong Sun as his ideal.

Kim Jong Kook participated in a recent taping of MBC 'Fantasy Couple/Partner'. Ear master (Jung Shi Yeon) asked Kim Jong Kook in the 'Love Classroom' corner "Being a good adult to your friend, (finding?) a good ideal woman to your parents" Kim Jong Kook revealed "Among the celebrities, Shin Bong Sun is my ideal."

Shin Bong Sun "Is this a confession then?" causing laughters. This doesn't stop Kim Jong Kook and he complemented Shin Bong Sun more causing the filming shoot location to be abuzzed.

To follow up, Ear master and MC Kim Jae Dong asked Kim Jong Kook and Shin Bong Sun to do a love skit. Kim Jong Kook said "We really match well, don't we?" "I think I can contact her separately" once again suprising everyone.

Kim Jong Kook again said "Although you may not see it but when it comes to love I'm shy." Ear master asked "You're handsome and cool. Why don't you have a girlfriend?" Kim Jong Kook answered all questions with answers relating to working out. Ear Master said "Kim Jong Kook has fallen in love with working out." making everyone laugh.

Braodcast will be on April 4th at 9:25 AM.

Sources: Nate & o-cha@soompi