[NEWS] Jaebum's fanclub donates under Jaebum's name for his 24th birthday

The fanclub of the newly reborn hip hop musician Jaebum have been garnering attention for their donation projects under the name of Park Jaebum.

On the 25th for Park Jaebum's 24th birthday, the fanclub of singer Park Jaebum 'Always Jay' donated money to the social welfare service 'Kids Future', for their 'Star♥Donation' project.

The social welfare service, Kids&Future (www.kidsfuture.or.kr), an independent social welfare foundation and founded by the help of funds from entrepreneurs, is a support enterprise that targets the underprivileged children, young adults and facilities.

This round of donations is planned to go towards improving the neglected 'HanBbyum library' for children and young adults.

In April, Jaebum's fanclub 'Always JAY' used Kids&Future's online donation site 'Donation' (www.donation.or.kr) donated various school supplies and commodities to Oullim Children Center under the name Park Jaebum.

The members of the fanclub stated "Although it was small, as a fan of Park Jaebum, to participate in a meaningful project of being able to give at least a little hope to these neglected kids was really worthwhile", "As a fanclub we will continue to take other opportunities to do good dead and not just for Jaebum's birthday."

Meanwhile it is currently becoming a new trend in 'fandom' to donate under the name of your favorite stars.

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