[NEWS] Iris locked in a copyright dispute in Japan !

The hit Kdrama IRIS which took Korea by storm had big plans for its run in Japan, but that has all come to a screeching halt. A temporary injunction to halt the broadcast of the drama has been granted by a Tokyo District court to a company called Ainsuemuandoemu. The company claims to have conceived the drama back in 2005, but during a merger shake up an official from that company took the script to Taewon Entertainment and tweaked it a little into what became IRIS.

This is not the first time IRIS has been accused of plagiarism/copyright infringement. Back in December, a novelist Park Chul Joo claimed that the drama heavily resembled his novel, The Sun Doesn’t Rise on Mt. Fuji.

The same company did file for an injunction in Seoul District Courts, but nothing came of it, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the Tokyo legal system.

TBS officials are hoping for a speedy resolution to get IRIS back on the Japanese airwaves after just debuting on the 21st.

Credits: Seoulbeats + VeryEconomical, iza.ne.jp
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