[News] In 'Cinderella Sister', '5 selfish motives' of the female viewer hearts

In the KBS 2TV drama 'Cinderella Sister', female viewers made a list of '5 selfish motives', which has been gaining attention.

[Omitted about other characters]

Female viewers are also full of selfishness for the naively honest character of 'Beast idol' 2PM Taecyeon. The viewers expressed "We're already wondering how that fat little kid with the pleasant saturi who likes Moon Geun Young will turn into a strong man with such great muscles".

The producers of 'Cinderella Sister' said "In just two episodes of 'Cinderella Sister', gem-like dialogues and scenes have been displayed, we predict this drama to turn out to be a 'masterpiece drama'", "The re-broadcasting times will be organised to make sure everyone to be engrossed in these gem-like dialogues, but to enjoy 100% of the charm that 'Cinderella Sister' holds, you must watch the main broadcast".

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