[News] 'Hot Brothers', Into the Public's Favor…"It's explosive!"

[Sports Chosun T-News Baek Ji Eun Reporter] MBC's 'Sunday Sunday Night' new corner 'Hot Brothers' took its first step into the public's favor.

'Hot Brothers' which replaced 'Echo House' made its first broadcast on the 28th. That day Tak Jaehoon, Kim Gura, Bak Myungsoo, Han Sangjin, BEAST's Lee Kikwang, Supreme Team's Simon D, Noh Yoomin, and Bak Hweesoon attempted a relay across a river. With the determination to raise viewer ratings the members jumped into the river wearing a life jacket and a full body swimsuit despite the cold weather. The contrast of the members that just swam 1km across the river and the indifferent faces of passerby's brought much laughter.

That day the 'Hot Brothers' team also had an 'Avatar Blind Date'. For the 'Avatar Blind Date' the 'unavailable men' team, made up of Tak Jaehoon, Kim Gura, Han Sangjin, and Bak Myungsoo, helped the 'single men' team, made of Lee Kikwang, Simon D, Noh Yoomin, and Bak Hweesoon, make couples during the blind date.

'Best Kingka' Lee Kikwang became Tak Jaehoon's avatar, Simon D became Han Sangjin's, and bad boys Bak Hweesoon and Bak Myungsoo teamed up. Kim Gura chose Noh Yoomin because he reminded him of his son Donghyun, to which Noh Yoomin responded by calling Kim Gura "Dad". When the women were revealed before the blind date, Noh Yoomin's eagerness showed in his eyes.

After the show was broadcasted, many viewers left comments saying "I haven't laughed so much in a while" "I thought I was going to die when Bak Myungsoo said he came out of In Moon University" "It was fresh and funny" "I can't wait till next week" showing a positive response to the show.

CREDITS: sports.chosun (SOURCE); birdsareweird@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

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