[news] Hangeng's Micheal Jackson Tribute

Recently heard from the organizers of the Ten Year Music Ceremony, that Hangeng who's attending Meng Niou Music Billboard on April 11th will be the opening performance of the Ten Year Ceremony. Being one of the few in Mainland China that can both sing and dance, Hangeng's performance will contain his original dance style, and a tribute for Micheal Jackson.

Hangeng recently said in Entertainment Scene's interview, how he spent his life in America, and exposed that he took lessons from Micheal Jackson's teacher. On April 8th, Hangeng revealed in an interview that he's attending Meng Niou Music Billboard's Ten Year Music Ceremony. We also contacted the Director of the organizers of the Ten Year Music Ceremony, Director Huang, She said that Hangeng will not only be one of the "New forces of Ten Years" that's attending Music Billboard's Ten Year Ceremony, the organizers are also having him do the opening performance. "I also heard my coworkers say that Hangeng took lessons from Micheal Jackson's choreographer, I proposed to him the idea of doing a tribute onstage, Hangeng agreed very easily."

On the day of the Ten Year Ceremony, April 11th, Hangeng will give up his group's choreographs, and dance by himself, this is also Hangeng's first time on a major Mainland stage since he came back to China.

original source: ent.sina.com.cn
translated: 눈웃음 (: @ sj-world.net
or geeitseunmi @geng_bao