[News] Gyun Miri, "I want to stand on a fashion show stage with 2AM Im Seulong"

On April the 5th, Gyun Miri appeared on the SBS 'BGW, CYA & JHG's Good Moorning' show, and referred to Im Seulong when saying which male star she would like to stand on stage with in a fashion show.

Previously in a program, Im Seulong admitted that Gyun Miri was his perfect woman; if you love them then age differences do not matter. In response to Im Seulong picking Gyun Miri as his perfect woman, she replied "He will live a good life when he gets married".

In addition, on April the 1st, she modelled for Seoul Fashion Week at Seoul, Gamnamgu. She modestly showed off received 70 points for her modeling.

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