[news] fans will be waiting for Taeyeon to comeback on Chin Chin

More official photo's has been released from the last broadcast last 25th of Chin Chin Radio where Taeyeon was the DJ.

The rest of SNSD visited her and supported her on her last day, there were also several guest's on the show. Both the staff and DJ Taeyeon were sad but because of Taeyeon's youthful energy they ended the show will lot's of energy and happiness.

The producers of the show Has been with Taeyeon for almost 2 years since she has been the DJ of the show and the producers said after words of encouragement "We hope to see you again".

Although Taeyeon was reluctan to leave the show, still fans cheered her on to do the best she can and even if she had to give up being a DJ to focus on her musical debut and oversea's promotions with SNSD Still the fans supported her.

Fans bombarded the bulletin board in Chin Chin with messages such as "DJ taeyeon, do not go", "For 2 years you did a good job", "Will you come back" and "I'll wait for your comeback".

Fans are going to wait for DJ Taeyeon to come back in Chin Chin no matter how long. Meanwhile, Taeyeon's temporary successors are IU and BEAST's Doojoon.

Source: Newsen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews