[video] Hello f(x) teaser + SNSD Run Devil Run Story version MV + Cinderella Sister MV + ZE:A BTS

Hello f(x) reality show teaser:

credits: LuxLilAmber @ youtube

F(x)'s first reality show will be shown this coming April with each member focusing on one member of the group. Also the show is said to be of f(x) preparing for their comeback with the date "unknown".

Run Devil Run Story Version MV

credit: Beniiza @ youtube
With their highly paid iPhone Application, SNSD's story version of their latest music video "Run Devil Run" is finally available on youtube for those who doesnt have iPhone.

Cinderella's Sister MV 너 아니면 안돼 - Super Junior Yesung)

credit: Pochipotato @ youtube

Super Junior's Yesung lend a helping hand by singing the OST for the upcoming drama Cinderella Sister in which Taecyeon is part of. Having a sweet ballad voice, Yesung's voice is perfect for the song.

ZE:A "Let's go Pusan" Photoshoot (behind the scenes)

credits: LovinZEA @ youtube

ZE:A made a recent photoshoot for their next music video "Let's go Pusan" and they were as cute as ever behind the scenes during the photoshoot.