[Pictures] Noona fan’s take on Thunder’s appearance on Mnet Scandal

After news went out recently that MBLAQ member Thunder will be appearing on Mnet Scandal with the show’s comeback, many fans and netizens have been discussing about it over portal sites and online bulletin boards.

And one talented noona fan had edited the teaser photos to Thunder’s appearance with his made-believe girlfriend on the show to something she felt will make her feel better.

Go under the cut and spot the differences to the photos!

The noona fan’s comment, “The heartbroken noona did phoshop silent. Left side – reality, Right side – Noona’s hope”

She literally photoshopped the girl out of every photos with Thunder!

But there was one photo which had left her helpless because she simple could not edit the girl out.

Seeing the phoshopped photos, many netizens had praised the noona fan on her skills with photoshop.