[news] U-KISS Eli "Not Bad If To Be Compared With Dongho"

After gaining much popularity with their new song 'Bingeul Bingeul', U-KISS's Eli is now appearing on a cable channel and showing his 'gag-dol (gag idol)' talent.

Eli recently did a filming for cable channel MBC ESPN's F1 Real Variety '2010 F1 Speed Racer'. During the filming, Eli did not hesitate to show his great sense of humor in front of variety program's seniors (such as Han Min Gwan, Moon Hee Jun, Yoon Taek, Kim Hyung In etc)and received a recognition for it.

Eli does not afraid to show his funny side, which surprised the production team.

The secret of Eli gaining the attention as 'gag-dol' is because of the comedian Han Min Gwan. It was known that Han Min Gwan was the one that helped Eli in his gag.

Han Min Gwan said "Eli always provides material that can make the broadcasting crew laughed so hard. He really has good senses of humor for variety programs. I did a program with U-KISS Dongho too but Eli seems to be one step ahead of him."

Right after the shooting started, the crew was constantly waiting for Eli's adlibs. Whenever Eli said something, the female staffs will burst into laughter.

Kim Hyung In showed his jealousy "Eli and I did the same gag but the laughter that came out from the staffs are different. You guys laughed because he's good looking right?".

The promising 'gag-dol' Eli showing his sense of humor can be watched on the March 23rd broadcast of MBC ESPN '2010 F1 Speed Racer'.

Credits: Osen + Newsen + ROCKETBOXX (Eng)