[News] Super Junior's upcoming encore concert at Shanghai

Oriental Morning Post's journalist Li Yi*

This Saturday and Sunday at 7:30pm, Super Junior's upcoming encore concert at Shanghai will be held at the Shanghai Indoor Stadium. Yesterday, the journalist learned that the stage is presently being built, and that Super Junior will be arriving at Shanghai this Friday. About the upcoming concert, many has expressed that they are looking forward to it since each time the boys came, it will create furor all around the city. The members expressed that they will present the best of them in dancing and singing during that "encore" for the fans at Shanghai.

According to reports, this time's concert, beside the original representation of Super Junior in their Super Show 2 Asia Tour, the members have especially prepared a new near an hour program. The boys said that every time they came to China, particularly because of Shanghai's fans enthusiasms have left them very moved, therefore, they chose their stop at Shanghai for that special performance as a feedback to the fans. Even with their busy schedule, they took out some time purposely for the new show. Concerning the Shanghai's stop, the equipment used, including the stage's brackets, the lights, the audio system and 12 other containers of the materials have arrived there by air from South Korea. The reporter has learned that because the stage's design is quite complicated, therefore the project team have started building it up a week before and presently is still being assembled.

Furthermore, it is said that for the previous Shanghai's concert, some people have been tricked and paid 2,000 yuan for a ticket. Super Junior's members have stated that they are hoping that the fans could buy their tickets through the ticket booth in charge. They also said that at this time's concert, there will be a large near 300 square meters LED screen as a background on the stage. Thus, regardless of where the fans are gonna be sitting, they will be able to see every movement of the boys. At the same time, the organizers have revealed that limited tickets are still on sale hence reminding the fans to buy their tickets through normal channels
* to prevent buying false tickets.
*It's the journalist's name in "English" (李懿)*Ticket booth in charge

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