[News] Super Junior arrives in Vietnam--chaos continues to ensue

At last the day that the Kpop fans of Vietnam and fans of Super Junior have been talking about has arrived. Around 10 AM this morning (27.3), the eight boys of Super Junior set foot down in Noi Bai airport, Hanoi to attend the MTV Exit program to be held tonight at My Dinh stadium.

From last night, a large number of Super Junior fans have waited at the airport in order to get a good spot and not pass by the opportunity to see the boys appear. But this morning, both hallways A and B have been packed full as more people arrived throughout the day to come witness the appearance of idols. And the shaky security force were not able operate efficiently with such a large amount of people.

At first, things seemed to be orderly, under the control of police and volunteer guards hired to protect Super Junior, but things started to get out of hand and chaos at Noi Bai airport once again occured, much to the fear of SuJu as the guards were unable to control the fans.

Struggling to push through the crowd to exit the airport, SuJu quickly boarded the car to go to their hotel and prepare for the performance tonight. Afterwards, members of FC (fanclub) SuJu at Vietnam burst out in tears at the fact that they had put on such a bad first impression. Even though this was not the first time we have received overseas stars to come perform, it seemed as if the security still has not improved.

ELFs cried, It's because of it's the first time for them to see Super Junior.

Source: Kenh14.vn
Translated by: Sessasha @ SJ-WORLD.net

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