[News] SJ's Siwon vs. 2PM's Taecyeon, Who Will Win the Battle?

Through tv dramas, top star idol Suju's Siwon & 2PM's Taecyeon will start a battle, inciting the attention of people.

Previously being singers & battling it out through songs, come March the two will become actors, & through a 'chocolate abs battle' they will face off against each other.

Choi Siwon will appear in SBS's tv drama which begins airing on the 15th of March, & Taecyeon will appear in KBS's tv drama which begins airing on the 31st of March. Notably, the roles that the both have taken on are ones that can display a manly image. Usually showing their sleek & flexible bodies, it will be interesting to see how they express their manly charms.

At the beginning of his debut as one of the main actors of the movie , Siwon, who displayed talent as an actor, has already made plenty of preparations to become the lead in this tv drama. is about a hot-blooded aunty (Chaerim) who becomes the manager of a pretty boy top star (Choi Siwon). With this romantic comedy drama, Chaerim & Choi Siwon will show their chemistry through adversity & suffering.

Through Chaerim's simple mistake, Choi Siwon's muscles will be revealed. Because the prior night before a fan meeting, while ironing manager Chaerim mamanges to leave scorch marks on the white shirt, causing Choi Siwon to have no other choice but to simply take off the shirt & just wear a jacket out.

A spokesman for the drama stated, "dashingly taking off his white shirt & just wearing a jacket, this situation will make fans really happy. As for his arrogant concept, he will from time to time reveal his muscles, people can also anticiplate this.

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