[News] SJ’s Leader talks about Hangeng & Kangin’s case for the first time

Super Junior Leeteuk becomes the MC of the new generation following Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Jae Suk’s footsteps. Although Leeteuk currently is still an assistant MC, his ability to control the guests and stand out in variety shows gives him the possibility of becoming the new generation MC.

▶Without talents and character is to his advantage instead?

Leeteuk does not have any special talent or character. He does not have an outstanding appearance and he is not very charismatic either. All these would be put to his disadvantage when he tries to stand out on variety shows. Although his popularity is considered above average amongst the Super Junior members, this factor adds on to his success to his MC career instead.

“Rather than making myself stand out amongst others, I have always been taking up the role of helping the people around me to stand out more because there isn’t anything that can make me stand out, thus, I’ve decided to ‘work diligently’. As I start to gain recognition by helping others on variety shows, I can slowly expand the area of my activity.

A strong point of Leeteuk is being able to show off his charisma on stage but when he is on variety shows, he will ruin his image without any hesitation.

“Because I’m an idol, does it mean that I must look fabulous and amazing? I think that an idol’s lifespan is 5 years and if you look at it in the long run, you need to have a flexible attitude. Although I think that looking fabulous is very good, being able to receive lots of love from people for a long period of time is much more important.”

▶His two teachers are Kang Ho Dong and Boom

Leeteuk chooses Kang Ho Dong and Boom as the most important teachers in his MC career path.

“I will always learn a lot of things from Kang Ho Dong sunbae just by looking at him. He would often call me to the resting room and tell me to “sit at the side”. I learn about the “true nature of variety by looking at how they discuss and analyse”. There was once when he advised me that if I ‘want to be a successful MC, it would require 10 years of practice. Do not hurry, just accumulate your skills bit by bit’.”

Leeteuk’s “Teuk Academy” originated from “Boom Academy” when he worked with Boom. Although Boom left “Boom Academy” to serve in the army, Leeteuk started unleashing his ability after he got familiarised with the work environment.

“I have been hosting with Boom hyung in 6 variety shows for the past 3 years and he had been of much help to me. Even though he is currently serving the in the army, he would often contact me to cheer me on and to give me advises. I hope to take good care of this position until Boom hyung is discharged from the army and continue the show with him. By then, the show should be receiving even greater success. “

▶Thorough Self management

Leeteuk doesn’t even have any single time to rest in his daily schedule. Apart from hosting KBS2FM’s “Kiss the Radio” every night at 10PM, he is also a permanent guest on “Strong Heart” and “Star King”. He also has to concentrate on the preparation of the 4th album, which is set to release around May*. and carry out Super Show 2 Asia Tour every weekend. Not to mention about taking rest, he doesn’t even have enough time to sleep. However, Leeteuk did not neglect about the preparation for “Teck Academy” and training his body.

“Teuk Academy” relies on creativity. Every night after returning to their dorm from the radio broadcast, he would hold a discussion with Eunhyuk and Shindong to look for new ideas. Other than understanding the funny incident of the guests, we also have to look for interesting pictures on ourselves. We also have to communicate with the author noonas in order to work out the script. Because the response was great, we had to look for better ideas which gave us lots of stress.

No matter how late his schedule ends, he will always workout at the gym. Exercising at 2AM is a normal time for him; everyday he would undergo 1-2 hours of weight training and aerobic exercises.

▶Super Junior is my everything

Leeteuk’s love towards Super Junior is completely different from others. Even though he is currently active being a MC, he puts Super Junior above everything. For the year 2009, it held an great significance to him due to their 3rd album “Sorry Sorry” becoming a huge hit. However, he was very heartbroken because of all the bad occurrences happening to fellow members.

“2009 was a very significant year for Super Junior. However, the departure of Hangeng and Kangin’s incident will always be a painful ordeal for us. When Kangin had committed a mistake for the first time, I encouraged him telling him that “it’s alright”, but when he committed another mistake, I reprimanded him because I was very disappointed. Nevertheless, Kangin is still a very important member to me. Hangeng too, no matter when he comes back I’ll still welcome him back warmly.”

“At the Taiwan concert, I was extremely happy when he saw the local artists amongst the audience dancing to ‘Sorry Sorry’. I am starting to gain the confidence to begin our overseas promotions. However, I feel a bit regretful for the absence of some fellow members because only when all 13 members are gathered together is when we’re truly Super Junior.”

* The article did mention that the 4jib would be released around may but they didn’t quote it from Leeteuk so there might be a possibility that it may not be true.. and according to other sources, they might not release the album before June due to the upcoming World Cup.

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