[News] Siwon received supports from Super Junior members!

"Older by 12 years. Younger by 12 years. Nationality. Race. That all doesn't matter, as long as there's a deep love, even if parents disapprove (I'll) still continue with that love."

This is lead actor Choi Siwon's passionate confession in the Monday & Tuesday SBS TV drama that started airing on the 15th of this month. In this drama, Siwon always argues with Chaerim, who plays the matured manager of the mega star, they can't stand the sight of each other, but yet he says, if it's real love, age is but a number!

From the first "electrocution" in the 2005 KBS drama <18 29>, to taking on the lead role in this time, Choi Siwon is very thankful to sunbae
* actors Chaerim & Lee Hyunwoo for their encouragement & support. Chaerim will teasingly support him by saying, "what, you were born in 87? '77 is more like it!" As for Lee Hyunwoo, if there's free time he'll have meals with Siwon, taking care of him.

Choi Siwon said, "Chaerim sunbae knows that this is my first time taking on the lead role, so like a friend & noona
** she'll help me. Lee Hyunwoo sunbae will tell me about acting techniques, within the cast & crew, we get along with as other like family.

At the same time, as part of Super Junior, Siwon has also received the support & help from other Super Junior members. He said, Heechul hyung
*** & Kibum who have had filming experience will tell me a lot of stuff pertaining to the acting side of things; through 'Strong Heart', their radio show & also their personal minihompies, Eeteuk & Eunhyuk will support me; Yesung, who's presently in a musical, is an active promoter, after his performance he'll tell the fans, 'Siwon's going to have a lead role in a TV drama, everyone please support him'. Consequently, Siwon feels really thankful.

Similarly, 2PM's Taekyeon will also appear in the KBS TV drama , after the finale of . In response, Siwon said, "it doesn't feel like we're competitors. Because everyone are well accquainted friends, so if everyone gathers good results, it'll be an even better thing."

Because this is his first leading role, Siwon has been working hard. For example, due to filming needs, Siwon lost 5kgs in a week. At the same time, Siwon stated, "thank you to Ahn Hyukmo sunsaengnim
**** for his guidance in the acting area. He said that as long as I worked hard it'll be fine. This won't be the last time I'll be acting, so there's no need to feel burdened. Also, the crew has given me the most thoughtful help & service by letting me get immersed in the role."

* sunbae as most of you know by now, is the korean term for someone who's been in the industry longer than you.
** & noona, as most of you know by now, is a term that guys use to call older girls. 
*** & hyung of cos, is the term for guys to call older guys.
**** sunsaengnim can mean teacher or just another honorific term for people older than you (like mister or miss).

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