[NEWS] Nichkhun-Song JiHyo Sharing a Helping Hand to the Philippines!

2PM's Nichkhun-Song JiHyo went with the "Danbi Team" to the Philippines to Participate in Volunteer Activities Sharing a Helping Hand

MBC’s ‘Sunday Sunday Night - Danbi’ team this time headed to the Philippines. The popular tourist attraction in the Philippines, the rubbish mountain in Payatas, the Danbi team were shocked at the sight of children making a living by collecting and selling rubbish found, and even picking up trash to eat to live.

They became Danbi Angels, Philippines' volunteers Nichkhun and Song Jihyo, couldn’t hide their regrettable feelings towards the children. The program’s first ever male guest, Nichkhun ‘Angel-Khun’ who was like his nickname, in the hot and humid Philippines weather, without complaint, took initiative and led by example by taking care of the children warming the hearts of the people. Song Jihyo, who had already experience volunteer work while visiting Baseco Philippines' slums, also made a contribution.

Specifically, the Hallyu wave that's blowing into the Philippines was demonstrated as soon as they arrived at the airport by the the rush of local fans with their shower of cameras for Nichkhun and Song Jihyo which overwhelmed the production crew.

In the Philippines, Nichkhun and Song Jihyo, together made a very special miracle that will be broadcast the coming March 7, Sunday evening at 5:20 pm.

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