[News] Moon GeunYeong, “I can feel the idol in TaecYeon in a distance but he is well-mannered”

Actress Moon GeunYeong takes a radical transformation from being the ‘nation’s little sister’ for a tough image.

On KBS 2TV ‘Park SooHong Choi WonJung’s YeoYoo Man Man’ aired on 8th March, the viewers were taken to the filming scene of upcoming drama ‘Cinderella Man’ to take over the timeslot for drama ‘Juno’.

Moon GeunYeong was seen in eyeline and smokey makeup. She plays the role of Song EunJo in the drama, and her comment on her role was, “She is a wild kid. She is a character who could not receive love and then more she was rejected of it, the more she closes the door of heart becoming a very lonely child.”

Also Moon GeunYeong is playing alongside 2PM TaecYeon in the drama. TaecYeon plays Jung Woo who is the ’sunflower for EunJo’. Moon GeunYeong commented, “I felt TaecYeon as an idol from a distance, but he is very well mannered.”

Meanwhile the drama will start airing from 31st March.