[News] Messages from Mozart Casts for DBSK/THSK/TVXQ Kim Junsu

He’s really nice… and wonderful

Junsu… eventhough the show in Korea has come to an end
Yet the figure of you who always do your best is really great!
Wherever you are, hyung will always pray for your success!
Keep in touch!

Musical Artist Kim Junsu!

With Junsu oppa

Daegu performance in Korea, the latest stage has finally been ended.
I heard that oppa’s throat was not really well, so I was worried, yet you still pulled out a wonderful performance, I’m so thankful, it’s really great!

Don’t want to end~ Don’t want to end~

Performing together with oppa and received those enormous cheers, making me really grateful.

You’ve worked hard~

The one who shows us the cutest Mozart, Junsu.

I always think how you’d digest those unorganized schedules…
Your body and also your heart must be really tired, however, not only you could do it til the very end, but you also did it gracefully, you’re really a great partner. I will miss your R&B TT TT

source: xiahking
trans: sharingyoochun.net