[News] Male Actors in Heated Rivalry to Become 'Momjjang'

The competition among actors to become the “Momjjang" (best physique) has begun again.

In the drama “The Slave Hunters,” actors such as Jang Hyuk, Kim Ji Suk, Han Jeong Soo, and Oh Ji Ho have revealed and showed off their masculine bodies by appearing in simple clothes. Following their competition for the “Momjjang” title in TV dramas, other actors such as Song Il Guk, Ok Taek Yeon, Nam Goong Min, Kim Ji Hoon have joined in the rivalry.

On March 16, Nam Goong Min’s agency promoted his abdominal oblique muscle as a “masterpiece” by releasing his photograph in a sauna scene in the drama “Becoming a Billionaire” (KBS 2TV).

To play his role in “Becoming a Billionaire,” he reduced his weight by 8 kilograms by going through the so-called “Girls Generation’s diet” and he will reveal the outcome of his strenuous workouts in scenes filmed in swimming pools and saunas in the drama.

Also, a PR agency of “Cinderella’s stepsister” (KBS 2TV), which is scheduled to begin on March 31, released promotional materials with an article saying, “Ok Taek Yeon unveils muscular character.” Ok Taek Yeon, who has shown off his unpolished beauty as a member of 2PM, takes on the role of a baseball player in the drama.

The agency introduced Ok Taek Yeon’s picture, in which he took off his shirt and excercised in a sweat, and said, “Ok Taek Yeon, who has the nickname of ‘Tearing Teak Yeon’ from his performances as a singer, made the studio stir when he exposed his muscular upper body.”

In the MBC TV drama “A Man Called God,” actor Song Il guk spawned the new phrase “horse thighs,” and he continuously shows off his body with extremely low body fat. He proves the fact that he has gone through a long time of suffering by exposing his upper body in a beach scene and swimming pool scene, and displays the muscles of his lower body in the drama.

Song Il Guk confessed, “For the past 15 years, I went on a vegetarian diet without consuming any meat, but to build up my body for this drama, I ate many chicken breasts, as many as I will eat for my whole life, and also ate so much egg whites that I'm fed up with eggs. It is not too much to say that I have sharpened the knife for this drama for one year." He continued to say with a laugh, “My trainer named my thighs 'Horse thighs' and he suggested that they have to be exposed in the drama.”

Prior to this, the drama “The Slave Hunters” (KBS 2TV) was truly a place for a contest of shirtless bodies. Male actors playing slaves as well as hunters revealed their almost naked bodies by wearing revealing clothes that were insufficient to cover their upper bodies.

For this contest, actors such as Jang Hyuk, Kim Ji Suk, Han Jeong Soo, and Oh Ji Ho worked out every free moment, even in the middle of shooting.

Jang Hyuk commented, “In the role I play, Dae Gil’s muscles have been built up while he was struggling to live, so his muscle is different from muscles that were formed in a short period of time. So, I keep exercising, like doing chin-ups and lifting dumbbells even on the set.”

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