[News] Lee Soo Man Tops Entertainment Rich List!


Many must know the founder of SM entertainment LeeSooMan who recently resigned, he is the man who brought you idol groups such as Super Junior, SNSD, DBSK, Shinee, etc…

SM has previously got into a tangle and a twist regarding the issues with slave contracts or unfair contracts with 3 member of the boy group DBSK filing against the company, and chinese member Hangeng from the group Super Junior filing for a contract termination!

Asides from those facts, it has been revealed on Chaebul.com that 10 celebrities in the entertainment business had stock valued at W100 million or more as of Thursday last week. LeeSooMan who holds 28.25 percent in SM Entertainment, had the highest valued stocks at W26.2 billion.

Other rankings were entrepreneur Bae Yong-joon, the largest shareholder in Kosdaq-listed KeyEast with 34.6 percent worth W10.93 billion. He was at the top of the list until mid-2009.

Yang Soo-kyung from Yedang Entertainment Company, was in third with shares in Yedang valued at W3.06 billion. K-pop superstar Rain, the largest shareholder in J.Tune Entertainment, ranked fourth with W2.01 billion.

Shared by:sukira@dailykpopnews || Source: Chosun Ilbo