[news] Kang JiYoung, “During the hard times when I cannot vent my emotions, I would cry alone”

Tears fell as KARA’s youngest member Kang JiYoung reveals her inner feelings which she has been keeping in her heart all this time.

Kang JiYoung together with the other KARA members had a special appearance on MBC Infinite Challenge aired on 20th March. On the show that day, they had a talk show on top of the 55m mid air bungee jump set where they talked about the memories of their hard times.

Kang JiYoung said, “I got along well with the unnies and their personalities. But when times got tough and I needed to vent my emotions out, I could not because I know that my parents will worry about me. So I got used to crying myself.”

Meanwhile, known as the ‘variety-dol’, Goo Hara revealed, “There is hugh stress to do something funny. Even though it was also hard to be close with the members of other groups, but it was worth as it made the show more fun to watch.”