[News] Jung Yong Hwa's Ex Girl Friend Photos Revealed?


Jung Yong Hwa ever mention that he ever date a girl from ‘Face King’ before, however they have already broke up. It was said in one of the Korean website that the young lady in the following photo used to be Jung Yong Hwa’s ex girlfriend.

With the increase of CN Blue and Jung Yong Hwa’s popularity, his ex-girlfriend’s photos was disclosed on the internet by the netizens.

His ex-girlfriend was known as the Yang in ‘Face King’. Many fans commented that she is a pretty and kind lady, others said that the 2 photos don’t seen to be the same person.

Of course, I’m not too sure how true it is. At least if it’s true, we got to see how Jung Yong Hwa’s ex-girlfriend looks like.

Source From: Baidu || cr:Koreanclicks

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