[news] F.Cuz Jinon - “Those words from Kwon Sang Woo made me...”

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“In our singing industry, no matter if it’s debut or what-not, just go all out for it.”

Leader Jinon looked at the eyes of his dongsaengs*, 3 more months before their debut in October 2009, their responsibilities and fatigue had already been raised to the highest peak. Although they endured and prepared for two years, yearning for the stage in desire, it was not like that. The four members caught a cold together, feeling unwell for a long time. However, seeing that the debut was right in front, training had to be doubled up, and had to endure it painfully. But, the gentle dongsaengs still nodded in agreement with Jinon’s words.

At dawn, while everyone was still asleep, they packed their luggages and called for a taxi. Without any plans, they escaped the hostel. Although escaping with strong hearts, but from the first day, money had already been spent away. With the help of Jinon’s friend, the day was spent innocently and helplessly at his house. However, in the end, under their parents and company’s persuasion, their “escape” ended within three days.

And in the end, on 8th January 2010, F.CUZ performed on KBS ‘Music Bank’ stage. With a very strong addictive beat and melody, the first digital single ‘Jiggy’ has gotten an explosive response after their debut.

“How did we finish singing and get off the stage, did we hold the microphones properly, I totally had no impression at all. Of course everything was in a mess, but the performance was above expectation, so I will give myself about 80 points, haha.”

In fact, long ago, leader Jinon actually appeared in front of the large audience before.

In 2005, during SBS ‘Truth Game’**, performing in a role of Kwon Sang Woo’s cousin, he got on the top internet search on portal sites within a month and thus received a lot of attention. The reactions from the surroundings were very passionate. Flooded with contacts from famous project companies, even if it was immediate, it felt as if one would able to become a superstar.

“One day, while chit-chatting with a friend at a café, I took a look at the side mirror. I, myself, didn’t even realise about my straight neck, facial expression full of arrogance. I also got a shock as to why was I being like this, so I gave myself a slap immediately. From that point onwards, I was determined that in future, even if I become successful, I must not be like that.”

In July 2005, Jinon was very fortunate to meet a big-scale project company, which was in preparation for the group ‘Cho Shin Sung’***, to join as a member. He started his training period, but, the dream of a trainee life was definitely not that beautiful. In the end, because there were some disagreement among the members, he gave up halfway, determined to withdraw.

“For a young age, the impact was so huge. Saying it in another way is, experiencing the bitterness of society life. After withdrawal, I got into depression and was afraid to get close to the crowd. Bulimia and anorexia happened repeatedly as if it was a life in hell.”

At last, he still had to visit the hospital for treatment. Under the head of the current project company, it was like a stream of light that shone in the darkness; he started his ‘second life’. When preparing for F.CUZ, he got an opportunity to act in ‘Cinderella Man’ because he resembled Kwon Sang Woo. Although he was famous by the name ‘Anyang High School of Art, Kwon Sang Woo’, but meeting Kwon Sang Woo was still his first time. Having to catch a glimpse of the ‘real’ Kwon Sang Woo in the filming studio, because of the words that he told Jinon, Jinon felt goosebumps all over.

*Dongsaeng – Little brother
**Not very sure of exact show title
***Cho Shin Sung – Supernova

Source: Asiae & Likemoon
Translated by: xing@F.CUZ Singapore

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