[News] DBSK/THSK/TVXQ "Toki wo Tomete" single First Day Sale

1 - 124,812 - Tohoshinki - Toki wo Tomete
2 - 26,777 - Hikawa Kiyoshi - Samisen Tabi Garasu
3 - 21,961 - SKE48 - Aozora Kataomoi

Tohoshinki once again topped Oricon daily chart with 124,812 copies of "Toki wo Tomete" sold on the first day of sale, ahead of Hikawa Kiyoshi's single which sold 26,777 copies in second place.
This number only counts the copies that were sold in stores within Japan on the first day. Pre-orders and online orders will be counted towards the single's weekly ranking.

Source: Oricon's Single Daily Chart
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Tokiwo Tomete single was included in the Best Selection Album which was just released on February , but they released it as a single again :).