[news] Brave Brother's third single "Sad Music" feautered actress Jang Hui Jin in MV

Actress jang hui jin's exceptional exposure of skin had explosive interest in netizens while brave brother's latest song 'sad music' MV teaser has finally been released.

Brave Brother's on the third single 'sad music' will be revealed in public as soon as the still cuts teaser receives attention, and questions the about music video was even raised.

The Brave Brother's Entertainment official said, "Thank you so much for the attention. We hope it will live up to expectations and the screen will show the music" he also said that actress Jang Hui Jin gave a big impact in the music video and she also flashed strong confidence on the set.

Brave Brother's third single "sad music"'s full song and music video teaser will be released on the midnight of April 2 and will be released in various portal sites.

credits: AsianMusicVideoHD @ Youtube

Source: Newsen