[video] SHINee Hello Baby season 2 Episode 3 English subbed

Are you ready for some cute baby and SHINee action? well.. you better buckle your seat belts because here they go!

SHINee hello baby season 2 has been a hit since the first episode aired a few weeks ago, ever since fans have been anticipating every episode to be aired and subbed, and thanks to loyal SHINee subbers on youtube, we can feel the joy and glee of the show with of course ENGLISH subbs!!

In this episode, Key brought them to a place where parents and kids get to bond and hang out together AND SHINee members with the animal costumes can finally be seen!

cant wait to see baby yoogeun huh? :))

video credits: sfineee @ Youtube
article by: Blueprincess824 @ DKP; follow me in tumblr!