[Video] SeeYa's YeonJi releases first solo song

Female group SeeYa lead vocal YeonJi will be releasing her first solo song.
YeonJi has been known for her great vocals power in group SeeYa. And recently SeeYa released their new album ‘Rebloom’ featuring title song ‘His Voice’ and SeeYa also did a collaboration with T-ara and Davichi with ‘Super Woman’ – both songs were well received by fans.
And YeonJi will be releasing her solo song ‘Let’s Meet Again’, a ballad song talking about one realising the love and waiting for the loved one after he/she had left. It is composed by Jo YeongSoo who is also known as the hit-maker. The song is the prelude to the upcoming ‘All Star 2.5′ album produced under Jo YeongSoo.
‘All Star 2.5′ will feature singers like MC Mong, SG Wannabe, VOS, Navi etc.
S: Newsen
Credits: Kbites