[Video] Donghae '' ELF, Thanks For Giving Us So Much Love. Saranghamnida "

As reported before, Yesung got the #1 in the vote "The #1 idol who has a good sense of entertainment" and Narsha chose Super Junior Donghae and said before debut he was more handsome than now. Finally the english subbed of Star Golden Bell is out.

Not only that,  Donghae also sent a simple message for E.L.F. And Kyuhyun also mentioned that when he first debuted, the fan girls didn't recognize him plus Yesung showing us his dorkiness and 4D-ness. Do you know why Yesung got the main role in Hong GilDong? Watch it and you will know the reason because he deserves to get the main role.

Cr: 4minniemink@youtube