[NEWS] Yuri and Hara joint "Return my broadcasting time"

SNSD's Yuri and Kara's Hara establishing the Human Rights Committee Board in the latest Invincible Youth episode had attracedt the attention of viewers.

Upon hearing from the netizens who suggested the change of "Invincible Youth" to "Yuri youth" or "Hara youth",Yuri and Hara noticed that they do not have any features and their broadcast components are getting lesser and lesser, they decided to establish the Human Rights Committee Board.

During the latest broadcast of "Invincible Youth",both Yuri and Hara started the topic when they talked about their broadcast components are getting lesser and lesser.

Hara said (with joking accent): "Although every week I will prepare childish gag,but because of my apprentice Hyunah are getting stronger on gag,all the broadcast component are being snatched."

Yuri also told the IY staff that: "I had did a lot for the broadcast,but it only broadcast when I'm dazed during recording."She also protested that:"Even the editors didn't edit out the part where my belly hair was shown."

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Credit : FansTaengoo @ NOW it's Girls Generation
Edited by zheming