[News] U-Kiss Kevin & Dongho graduate

The season of graduation has started. The age of idol group members are gradually becoming younger, and this trend is reflected by the number of members graduating this year.

SHINee's Minho will graduate from Konkook University's affiliated high school and enter the University on the 10th. After taking the college admissions test last year, he was admitted to the 2010 year of Konkuk's part-time admittance as an Arts & Culture Film major.

On the same day, SHINee's Key will graduate from Daegu Youngshin High School. Key did not take the College entrance examinations last year. He will put his study plans on hold and concentrate on his group's activities.

SNSD's Seohyun graduates from Jeonju Arts High School on the 9th. She is also expected to attend her graduation ceremony. Seohyun has been admitted into Dongkook University's batch of 2010.

Sulli from f(x) will graduate from Chungdam Middle School on the 5th. However, attending High School seems to be difficult for her due to her busy schedules, according to SM Entertainment.

Jung Jin Woon from 2AM graduates from Baekam High School and has been accepted into Daejin University studying theatre and arts.

U-Kiss' maknae Dongho will graduate from Yonggang Middle School on the 10th. Dongho has been awarded a scholarship to Hanrim Arts High School.

Another member from U-Kiss, Kevin, will also receive his high school diploma on the 7th. Kevin, who was studying overseas when he came to Korea, completed his studies at Gyongdong Broadcasting and Communications High School. He has plans to further his studies next year.

Beast's maknae Son Dong Woon graduates on the 4th. He will focus on his activities as Beast and continue his studies next year.

Kwon Sohyun from 4minute graduates on the 11th.

Credits: u-kiss.co.kr + ukissme.SG (Translations) + Rocketboxx