[News] SJ named as Taiwan’s Tourism Ambassadors, Hankyung to be absent from Taiwan’s concert

The South Korean idol group Super Junior, who brought “Sorry Sorry” to being one of the more known songs in Taiwan, will be having their final stop* for their Asia Tour in Taipei from today for the next 2 days, making it the first concert to be held in Taiwan’s Super Dome in the year of the Tiger. It has also been said that Super Junior will become Taiwan’s tourism ambassador, showing the amount of power this “Korean wave” possesses.

Super Junior’s first concert in Taiwan is really something, with concert tickets being snapped up at a very fast rate. Moreover, this stop happens to be on the Chinese New Year, and members have already known more about the customs from their Chinese member Hangeng, making them look forward to the celebrations of the Lunar New Year.

However, fans were disappointed to know that, according to the organizers, Super Junior’s first “Super Show 2” in Taiwan will only present 10 members, as Hangeng, Kangin and Kibum will be absent, when news of this was release, fans wrote on the PPT website that they wanted to cry, saying that Hangeng’s promise to celebrate the New Year with them wouldn’t be fulfilled.

Since these 3 members have been absent since the Beijing’s concert, fans were rather prepared. However, it is a different story on the web. At the end of last year, when Hangeng was in Taiwan, he promised fans that he will be in Taiwan during their February concert to celebrate the New Year. But no one expected things to turn out this way, leaving fans expressing that they “felt like crying” and “was going to fall apart”


Credits: Iunny-@sj-world.net
*: I think they meant in the East Asia region.