[News] SHINee Admires Jackie Chan & Joey Yung

South Korean popular boy, SHINee for the first time to Hong Kong this year, blunt feeling fresh. The five who have always paid attention to the Hong Kong entertainment news, praisied Hong Kong girls are lovely and attractive, and also said favorite artist is Joey Yung and Jackie Chan.
Recently SHINee completed a four-day visit to Hong Kong, during the interview, said that the New Year in South Korea is also inseparable from their elders and relatives to pay a new year call and eating traditional New Year foods. For the first time away from home the five boys are not afraid of loneliness: "In Korea, we would visit our relatives, instead this year celebrates New Year in Hong Kong feeling fresh." Key, who had been to Hong Kong said: " I would want to come back to Hong Kong if I have the opportunity. Before debut I would go travel, I feel that Hong Kong is a great place. "

Debut short period of time SHINee, successfully attract fans of different ages. Talking about the ideal type, Key and
Taemin choose Hollywood actress Sienna Rose Miller and Emma Watson; Jonghyun favour girls with white skin and long hair; Onew wants lovely and well-behaved type and Minho likes beautiful, gentle type. They praises, Hong Kong girls are cute and charming, their most favorite artist is Joey Yung and Jackie Chan in Hong Kong. Entering into a new year, five boys, said their current work focused on the Asia Publicity, and will soon be visiting Japan, and Cambodia.

Source: SHINee Baidu Bar
Translation: lovemiko@sfi
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