[NEWS] Seungyeon's feelings about her new haircut~

Kara's Han Seungyeon, who became a hot topic recently with her short haircut, revealed her inner feelings about it.

Han Seungyeon, during a meeting with Newsen reporters on February 26, said: "It's the first time I changed to a short haircut since elementary school 2nd grade. So it's been about 15 years since I last cut my hair like this. As you would expect, I'm still not used to it and many times I get surprised when I look in the mirror." she said while smiling.

Currently making a storm with her mini-album title song 'Lupin', Han Seungyeon became a hot issue with pictures taken during an event before her comeback. Seungyeon, who until now had been faithful to her long hair, catched the attention of netizens when she showed her short haircut.

Having turned 23 this year, Han Seungyeon's short hairstyle blended nicely with her trademark youthful appearance to greatly enhance Seungyeon's 'Cuteness Queen' charm.

Han Seungyeon said: "I didn't know my short haircut would become such a big topic. I'm really thankful for the netizens interest. Some people say I look younger, others say I look more mature. It was a difficult decision and it took me a lot of courage to cut my hair so I feel relieved that the response is good." added her.

Source: NEWSEN
Translated by: Harue@KARAHolic.com
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