[News] KARA's Mister was originally for male group?

Shedding the pretty girl image, will a stronger KARA win the hearts of fans?

KARA released their title song to their third mini-album entitled
Lupin. After the teaser was released last February 12, various portal sites went overdrive. The response for their new single has been hot so far, with their name shooting up to number 1 on search engine sites. Because of this, many are awaiting their comeback.

KARA was slated to comeback last November 2009. However, due to the individual activities of the members and CF endorsements, the album release was pushed back to February 2010.

The group KARA is known to be the representative 'Cutie girl group', their trademark being cute and bubbly. However, with the release of the teaser and album jacket, the girls showed a more mature and stronger image, much to the surprise of fans. Although many were delighted, other fans became worried, remembering that the last time they went for the 'strong' image with 'Break It', wasn't well-received.

DSP however, is confident about the change. They feel that the group has had enough of the pretty concept, and since it has already been 3 years since their debut, its about time to show a different charm to the fans and other viewers as well. They are not worried about other girl groups changing up their concepts as well, as they analyze the current situation of the industry and say that they believe in the capabilities of the members of KARA.

The company also could not contain their excitement for KARA. Although 'Break It' did not receive much success, it is a totally different story now, with all the mania and attention surrounding the group. With good music and the talent of the members to convey the music through their performances, they are positive about the change.

And also, it was revealed the song Mister which received more love than their title track Wanna,
was originally made in the male chord. One of the main reasons why Wanna won as the title song, was the fact that Mister was actually intended for a male group.

One insider pointed out 'KARA is one of the representative girl groups who showcases individuality in each of their songs. With songs like Mister and Break It, they are able to put their own spin to it. Adding their individual charms to the song, they are able to make it their own. It is indeed something special that they can take a song, and make it match to their true colors.'

KARA is scheduled to return with Lupin on the 25th at Mnet Mcountdown.

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translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic.

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