[NEWS] JungWook to decline 2PM's variety offers

2PM's various activities in variety programs are attracting attention.

Having succeeded as singer last year, 2PM's worth has definitely exceeded in varieties this year. Being the situation that it is, there has even been times where their variety participations have overlapped. Having aired on the 16th, SBS's Strong Heart and KBS2's Win Win pulled in viewers with their overlapped broadcasting.

Not only that but the Lunar New Years special programs were overrun by the cast of 2PM, some programs even going as far as to have the complete focus on 2PM.

It's not an exaggeration to call 2PM the best on the guest list for programs such as MBC's Star Dance Battle and the God of Wrestling, programs that require dancing and strength - both specialty areas for the beastly idols.

It's only definite that 2PM seems charismatic to the producers of such shows since their fanbase has so much variety. Because of these factors, viewers were able to see 2PM on three of the major broadcast channels all day on the day of new years festivities.

However, behind that image lies pain that nobody knows of. The members are unable to rest even for a day due to activities being endlessly scheduled.

Last year's year end ceremonies had a suicidal schedule for 2PM. One could directly feel their pain having seen them perform different stages on three major gayo daejuns for MBC, KBS, and SBS.

JYP Entertainment's president, Jung Wook, stated, "2PM had to withstand their schedule without having a day off last year. It is true that they've been having a hard time. We plan to decline any further offers and requests."

Regardless, 2PM is still the most sought after guests for program producers. However, there are criticisms by the viewers that the producers must think of a more variety of guests rather than just 2PM.

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