[News] Jokwon-Gain Couple Vacation! To Hong Kong for 'WGM' Recording

2AM's Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls' (BEG) Gain will enjoy a vacation by themselves in Hong Kong during the New Years' holiday.

Jo Kwon and Gain who are receiving love as the 'Adam Couple' on MBC's "We Got Married'(WGM) will leave for Hong Kong for four nights and five days with 'WGM' staff on February 13th, the first day of the New Years' Holiday.

A 2AM representative told Newsen through a phone call on the 12th "Jo Kwon will be going to Hong Kong on vacation to record for 'WGM' on the 13th for five days". There are rumors that Jo Kwon and Gain are unable to hide their excitement for first 'WGM' couple vacation.

On the other hand, there are big expectations for 'WGM' being broadcast on the 13th with Jo Kwon and Gain's first visitor which happens to be a foreigner.

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