[News] HK fans mistaken Shaolin monks for FT Island

More Korean stars arrived in Hong Kong as FT Island touched down at the HK International Airport yesterday. Over a hundred screaming fans with signs and banners welcomed the boy band's arrival. When a group of Shaolin monks arrived shortly before FT Island, fans mistaken them for their idols and started screaming like crazy. After the real FT Island arrived, the group members greeted fans with a friendly wave.

FT Island held a press conference to meet with the media yesterday. Member Song Seung Hyunentertained the audience by attempting to say “Hello” in Cantonese, he said “Nei Lou” instead “Nei ho” (Hello). When asked about their favorite Asian stars, the members named Jay ChouJacky Chan,Stephen Chow, and added that they have seen Stephen Chow’s Shaolin Soccer. Song Seung Hyun said some fans pulled their hair when they were promoting in Singapore, while Lee Hong Kicomplimented the well-behaved HK fans. The members spent their New Year’s Day together and Lee Hong Ki revealed that he received a lot of chocolate for Valentine’s Day.

Following the press conference, FT Island held a fan meeting with over 200 fans. Lee Hong Ki said he currently doesn’t have a girlfriend and joked that the fans are his girlfriends. When asked if he had taken showers with other members before, he said, “Once in awhile. There are videos of it on (my) cell phone too!” The organizers arranged several lucky fans to shake hands and take pictures with their idols. Chaos broke out and the event almost had to be canceled. Besides meeting with fans, the members also performed songs from the Korean drama 
You are Beautiful. Lee Hong Ki said he has learned a lot from working with costar Jang Geun Suk.

  Lee Hong Ki (on the left), Shaolin monk (on the right)

Source: the-sun.on.cc, asianhistory.about.com, CpopAccess
Credits: omona