[News] Hankyung calls out to fans for support in charity event, 2010 Geng Fan "Let Love Fly"

On Hankyung's 2010 birthday (February 9th) which is approaching soon, Hankyung's fans used the "Let Love Fly" charitable activities event as the perfect birthday gift to their idol. However, this is not the first Geng Fan's charitable event. Since 2007 onwards, under Hankyung's appeal, Geng Fan already has this charitable tradition for three years. They hope to do their part, giving out everyone's love, to the people in need of help.

As Hankyung is currently in the midst of a lawsuit over contract termination with SM entertainment, he has been unable to make appearances in public events. But as his birthday is approaching soon, Hankyung's fans are holding the "Let Love Fly" charitable activities event to Hankyung's call upon charitable work, as the perfect gift to their idol. Geng Fan's charitable theme this year is "Let Love Fly", to raise fund for Guangxi Nanning Mashan county and Fangxiang's primary schools, Sichuan Bazhong Bazhou district's primary schools and Sichuan Pingchang county's primary schools; to help those children to learn and grow up healthily and happily within their best abilities.

As a public figure, Hankyung not only brought fans a magnificent stage, (he brought them) the off-stage sincerity, kindness and helpful attitude. Hankyung has appealed to fans through his personal space
** to not spend money on gifts for him, but steer towards helping those people who are in need. Since 2007, Geng Fan has started to use charitable activities as gifts (to Hankyung). Every year, Hankyung's fans will gather all their resources to do their best for charity, and take this as a gift for their idol. (They) hoped that everybody would contribute and work together with each and everyone's strength, to convey this love continously.

It is reported that Geng Fan doing charities is not only during Hankyung's birthday. In the 2008 Southern Snowstorm, Wenchuan Earthquake etc., Geng Fan has very actively did their best. Hankyung's fans expressed that they will continue to do this kind of charitable events, and at the same time (they) hoped that more people would join them in these events; with the strength of fan groups, to support charity, (and) spread the love, to even more people in need of help and love.
*term referring to Hankyung's fans**referring to his Chinese cyworld

Thanks the fans for spreading their love to the one who needs help.

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